tocIn This article we are going to talking about Google hosted Blogger New Interface, And how to revert back to old interface of Google Blogger, Blogger's new interface designers are fool, Pros and Cons of Google Blogger new Interface.
Google Blogger New Interface

How to revert back to old interface of Google Blogger

Recently, Blogger introduced a new clean interface designed for a streamlined blogging experience. While some Bloggers including me, are enjoying the new Blogger interface, some are not.

According to Google and in addition to the fresh spin look, Blogger is now responsive on the web, making it easy to use on mobile devices. By investing in a better web platform, it allows the capability for new features on the web.
Currently there is no such option for to revert back to old interface of Google Blogger.
Count on it, yes. So if you see something you do not like, leave feedback for the developers now, while they are paying attention.

Pros and Cons of Google Blogger new Interface

With Blogger, things can’t be simpler. Unless you already have a Google account, you just need to register one. Then log in to Blogger, choose a template, and you are ready to start running your blog and publishing posts.

Before you start the blog, it would be a smart idea to rethink the importance of ownership – do you want to own your blog or let others have control over it?

As a free service, Blogger is a property of Google. That means that guys at the company get to do anything they want with the service. Although it’s quite unlikely, it is still possible that the technology giant decides to shut down Blogger. And in that case, no one would care much about your content. How does that make you feel? Also, without any reason, Google may block you from accessing your own blog.


While you are pretty much safe when we talk about Google, just knowing that you are not in control of something as personal as a blog may give you a headache. We don’t know about you, but we like to know that we can do whatever we decide with our own website or blog.

You may not be a web designer, but one of the most interesting parts of setting up a blog is choosing the way it is going to look like. How can Blogger and WordPress help you when it comes to the appearance of your site?

In comparison to the self-hosted version of WordPress, Blogger falls way behind. While there is a good number of templates that you can apply to your free blog, the choice is quite limited compared to WordPress. And once you select a template, you only get to play with the limited number of customization tools. Don’t get us wrong; the customization options that come with Blogger are user-friendly and relatively useful, but they can’t relate to WordPress.

As its name already suggests, Blogger is made for blogging. So it makes sense that content management is done right. And it really is. Google made it easy to start your first post and to manage it without problems.

All it takes to start writing is to log into your Google account and open Blogger. If you have used other Google’s documents, the environment will look familiar.

Blogger lets you enjoy writing. A simple bar on top shows all the options that allow you to format text and add media.

As it comes from Google, one would expect a lot of documentation for Blogger. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Although there are documentation files to be found, the support is quite limited. You can even navigate your browser to support forums, but don’t expect much from it.

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