Life is completely impossible in the hot, saline, ultra-acidic ponds of the Dolol geothermal region of Ethiopia. There were no microbes of any kind present in these ponds.
Where no one can live, scientists claim
Researchers have discovered an aquatic environment on Earth where life chances are zero. The purpose of this search is to get advance information about the components that reduce the chances of life. This study, published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, showed that life is completely impossible in the hot, brackish, hyper-acidic ponds of the Dallol Geothermal Field in Ethiopia. There were no microbes of any kind present in these ponds.
Researchers at the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) reported that the Dallol region lies on the crater, the salt-filled volcano. Boiling water and poisonous gases are continuously released from this crater due to hydrothermal activities.

He told that even in winter the temperature of this place is more than 45 degree Celsius and it is one of the hottest climate areas on earth.

According to researchers highly salt and ultra-acid ponds are found in this area. At a standard of zero (highly acidic) to 14 (extremely alkaline), the pH of this place reaches less than zero, ie a negative mark.

In earlier research, it was told that some micro-organisms are likely to flourish in this harsh environment.

According to researchers, this place was considered like Mars, where the conditions are similar to the blood planets.

Co-author of this study Lopez García stated, "We tested more specimens this time than previous research and concluded that the probability of microbes flourishing in these brackish, hot and ultra-acidic ponds is zero. "