Beautiful Lips Tips, Katrina revealed the secret of her bold lips, get such lips in 3 steps. 'Beautiful Lips Tips'The actress revealed on Instagram how her 3D lips are made. He told this in detail.
Beautiful Lips Tips, Beautiful Lips of Katrina
Beautiful Lips of Katrina
Beautiful Lips Tips: If you too want to experiment with your looks and makeup this wedding season, then Katrina Kaif has great tips for you. The glamorous and hot actress of Bollywood had some time ago uncovered the secret behind her 3D lips.

The actress revealed on Instagram how her 3D lips are made. He told this in detail. Katrina wrote: How to get 3D lip look like me!

First Step: First of all, use matte action lip pencil in dark color to give perfect shape.

Second step: After this, fill the lips with any light shade of matinee lip crayon combination to make the lips bold.

Third Step: Put a little bit of Maestro Lip Topper in between your lips. Its lips will be highlighted, as well as pout and full.

For a look like me you need:
  1. Matte Action Lip Pencil - Hypnotic
  2. Matinee Lip Crayon - Fraternity
  3. Maestro Lip Topper - Starlet
Let us tell you that this 36-year-old actress has recently launched a makeup brand named KayByKatrina in association with beauty brand heroine. While launching it, Katrina said that I believe that makeup cannot make you beautiful. We use makeup to highlight and enhance our already existing beauty. I think every woman is beautiful and different in her own way.

At the same time, if you talk about Katrina's films, she will soon be seen in Rohit Shetty's cop drama 'Suryavanshi' with Akshay Kumar.
Beautiful Lips of Katrina
Step 1: Use the Matte Action Lip Pencil in a darker shade to create the perfect shape.

Step 2: Fill it up with a lighter shade from the MATTEinee Lip Crayon Collection to enhance your lips.

Step 3: Dab some MaeStrobe Lip Topper in the centre of your lip to add dimension.

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