Amit Bhadana
Amit Bhadana
Amit Bhadana, who has currently more than 13 million subscribers in his YouTube channel, is one of the most popular comedian, singer and actor.

As you can predict from his videos, he is a desi type boy whose famous dialogue is “master bhi khede hai ise na padhana, naam hai iska amit bhadana”. He is completely down to earth guy who is very much attached to his soil. Because of his desi accent, he is very much popular in village areas.

Ask any of the villagers if they know BB Ki Vines, most probably they will say no, but if you ask them about Amit Bhadana, all will reply yes. Earlier during his initial days, he used to post videos in Facebook. But soon he realised that his videos are getting viral and everyone are appreciating and sharing his videos on Facebook. That’s why he thought of starting his own YouTube channel.

Since almost everyone was aware of him, he soon started to gain subscribers quickly and the rest is history.

That’s what made Amit Bhadana so much popular on YouTube in such a small period of time.